Monday, April 27, 2009

Bay Xclusives Introduces - Legends Live Forever

In 2005, members Lyrical Tone and the Jinxx joined together and created the early form of LEGENDS LIVE FOREVER. Rosario, Dijoun, and A. Love followed soon after, and the group hit the studios ready to prepare hip hop music for a Bay Area movement. Due to unforeseen legal mishaps, Jinxx, Dijoun and A. Love were forced to temporarily leave the group. Through it all, the standing members kept the game going with their new addition, Troy, while still holding on to the invisible presence of their incarcerated bandmates. Now reunited, LEGENDS LIVE FOREVER is rolling out the carpet and preparing hip hop fans for their premiere. Recently Signed to Bay Area Star Big Rich's Label

Just Thought I'd Let U Kno Who These Guys Are,Commin Straight Outta SF |My Hometown|.Newest Single Lean . Download Here

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