Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Jacka - Broad DayLight [News]

It was announced this week that Bay Area artist The Jacka, is releasing an album of new
material on the Berkeley-based indie label Town Records entitled "Broad Daylight." The
Jacka is currently enjoying the success of his latest album Tear Gas which has had very
impressive sales numbers and hit #3 on Billboard, the highest charting of a Bay artist in
almost a decade.

On this album Jack continues where he left off with original hood music for the streets.
Features reported so far range from some familiar names for Jacka such as Lee Majors,
Joe Blow, B-Town MAC & Celski, to some truly groundbreaking never-before-heard collabs
with popular artists like Kafani & Netta B.

This Is Great News , Im A Huge Fan Of The Jacka But This Seems Like A Mixtape,& Even If It Was An Album Thats Supposedly Drops In December The Promotion For The Album Would Have Started Months Ago . In This Situation I'll Believe It When I See It , It Youd Asked Me I'd Say This Would Be Droppin Early Next Year!

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