Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 4-20! Exclusive Clyde Carson & Jacka

Happy 4-20 To Everyone! I Kno If Your A Smoker In The Bay Area |Which Probably 9 Out Of 10 People Are| . Your Probably On Cloud 9 Right Now. Enjoy Your Day Today & Keep It Safe & Smoke As Many Blunts As U Can!

With That Bein Sed ...

Just Found Some Unreleased.. . Well Songs Off Of Bay Area All Stars Vol 2. Which Supposely Came Out March 13th Of This Year. Which I Had No Fuckin Idea Of Hearing Of Neither Did Anyone Else. Who I Talk To Ofcoarse . Making These 2 New Exclusive "Smoke Tracks" On 4-20. How Better Can This Shit Get

The Jacka Ft Berner - Burn It

Clyde Carson Ft Mistah Fab & Kaz Kyzah - Smokin On Purple

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