Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Berner - Weekend At Bernies |Tracklisting|

1. 100 by cozmo
2. by cozmo
3. where would i by cozmo
4. another by goblin..feat. jacka
5. kali by stinj-e...feat..dru down,lee majors
6. by pak slap.. feat..shoboat
7. ill be ur by cozmo...feat..noble(outlawz) and lc
8. time(11oth st) by dunce and stinj-e..feat..b legit, san bass guitar by..jon work
9. still out by cozmo..feat,young bossy,and cozmo
10. life of a by cozmo..feat slim thug
11. im by boyz)
12. have by cozmo..feat..klazzik,freeze,ampichino
13. that by cozmo....feat cozmo
14. by gennessee...feat..cait la dee
15. stunt it by gennessee...feat kaz kyzah
16. my by gennessee..feat..keak da sneak,cait la dee
17. got by cozmo..feat bun b
18. designer by cozmo...feat...masspike miles
19. hit the by gennessee..feat matt drums by..maury haymore
20. by gennessee.. feat..mellow man ace, oki (malo)
21. let u by cozmo

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