Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SMC Super Tuesday Trivia Contest

1. Name 10 Of Philthy Rich Projects ?
2. Who's Dame Fame & How Is He Connected To Philthy Rich ?
3. What Was The Name Of The 5 City Tour In 2007 That Philthy Was Featured In ? & Who Also Were Featured In It ?
4. Name The Label(s) Who Were Featured On Funk Or Die
5. WhatsThe Exact Length (Timing) Of Funk Or Die (The Album)

1. Name 5 Ppl Featured On DS2?
2. What Was The 1st Single On DS2?
3. What Were The Drought Season 1 Ratings On The Billboard Charts?
4. Name 2 Future Projects From Berner?
5.Why Is This Contest Titled SMC Super Tuesday ??

First To Answer All 10 Questions Correctly Wins
Contact Me At : RonSoIcey@Gmail.com

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Whether U Couldnt Complete The Questions In Time Or Decided Not To Participate At All Go Out & Support The Bay Artist!!

Shout Out To The Contest Winners. The Contest Lasted No Longer Than An Hour! This Was Probably The Best One Yet!Stay Tuned More Coming Soon!!

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