Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Tonite Show With Dem HoodStarz [Video]

The Tonite Show With Band Aid & Scoot Better Known As The Hoodstarz. This project has been a long time comin. The police had broke DjFresh's hard drive years back and lost all the sessions and with Band Aid having to do jail time and things were put to a hault but they all 3 got back together and came with all brand new product and here it is

Hmm Havent Heard From Dem Hoodstarz In A While . Not Too Excited About Their Comeback Or Project . But I Would Like To Hear Their New Material


  1. "not too excited about their return" because you are a mark. Hoodstarz=Beastmode

  2. these niggas fell off

  3. "these niggas fell off" nigga YOU were never ON, they never fell off

  4. True. Their album they released back in 06 was hella sic. It just made you beg for more. So where's Black Friday?

  5. East Palo Alto off top, fuck these haters.

  6. Niggas on here Woofin!
    Go listen to that Track #2 wit my uncle COCKY on it Fukin Gassin!
    !!!East Palo Alto!!!