Friday, April 9, 2010

Sleepy D’s Turfin’ N Jerkin’ Contest [Contest]

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Thizzness is capitalizing on the rapper’s involvement with the dance craze by hosting a Turfin’ N’ Jerkin’ contest. Both turfin’ and jerkin’ have become highly recognizable dances in Northern and Southern California respectively, and the contest will bring even more exposure, while at the same time promoting “Sleepy Deprivation.” Kicking off on April 5th and ending on April 24th, contestants will submit videos online of themselves either turfin’ or jerkin’ to a Sleepy D song, and one person from each camp will be chosen by popular vote to compete in the final dance battle held at Rasputins Record Store for a grand prize. For More Info On This Visit SMC RECORDINGS

Also Be On The LookOut For Sleepy D's Upcoming Album Sleepy Deprivation Which Is In Stores & Online 4/20/2010 [11 Days] ,  U Can Download His Single " Sleepy Fuckin D" Off The Album , Off The Music Player!

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